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About Us


Thirteen beautiful lakes make up the Clermont Chain of Lakes. Hidden canals and rivers connect them all. They are cherished by the team at Catboat Escapes.

Few things are more beautiful than to see couples, friends, co-workers, and multigenerational families having fun together. It’s also incredibly exhilerating to drive these unique boats. The team is fortunate to do both every day!

They are led by Nate, whose parents were dismayed when his first words as a child were “boat” and “water”. It was much later when he started to say “Mom” and “Dad”. Nothing is confusing about it now. Nate has always loved boating.

A lifetime of kayaking, sailing, water skiing, and other water activities followed. He used stage scuba training to perform at Tokyo Disney Sea. Water skiing, high diving, and extensive water rescue training were used at Universal Hollywood’s Water World, and he was a safety consultant at Sea World San Diego’s Cirque De La Mar.


Catboat Escapes is an opportunity for him to share his lifetime passion for boating with everyone. His greatest joy is to take people places they haven’t imagined. This passion and joy are easily embraced by those around him.

a man riding on the back of a boat in the water